Organic Turmeric Root Powder by Pure Indian Foods

Pure Indian Foods

Organic Turmeric Root Powder by Pure Indian Foods

Orange is a hard word to rhyme, almost as hard to rhyme as "anti-inflammatory". Combine those two properties and you have turmeric, one of the best orange things on the planet with the potential to do all kinds of things like reduce inflammation and speed healing. And then, there's THIS turmeric, this highly potent organic powder of bright umber-orange from Pure Indian Foods — the best turmeric out there, bar none. You'll use it for tea, you'll use it for curry and eggs and soups and golden milk and smoothies and pretty much everything else. Get your curcumin and color all at once. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Did you just have the thought that maybe the word CURry has some kind of connection to the word CURcurmin? I just did and that blew my mind. What better way to illustrate that many foods and nutrients are meant to go together, or have the same origins story. In truth, the words might only have a coincidental connection, as the word curry was supposed to have come from some British misproununciation of an Indian stew. Or so the story goes. But curry powder, the spice blend that is made in dozens or hundreds of different combinations, often uses the orange turmeric powder as one of its key components. It mellows out the sweet cinnamon and coriander and adds bitterness against the smoky cumin and pepper.  

But what about THIS turmeric? Open the jar and you'll know. A smell will give you the potent aroma of the herb. There's almost a smokiness, but earthy is a good way to describe it, too. The plant is a rhizome, related to ginger and horseradish, with mild spice when fresh. You may have seen it at the store - it looks like slightly smaller and weirdly colored ginger root. When powdered, it's a whole different animal, with the benefits of curcumin to boot.

Pure Indian Food's organic turmeric is something special, and that's the reason you'll see it here alongside our other favorite Pure Indian Foods product — their fantastic ghee. Sandeep Agarwal, Founder of Pure Indian Foods, worked hard to find a grower in the mountains of India with the BEST turmeric on earth. It's higher in curcumin, more potent in flavor, and even has a deeper orange color than other turmerics. It is really something amazing.

About that ghee? The ghee and turmeric go spendidly together. For your first taste of this turmeric powder, warm up some ghee in a pan, and add a sprinkle of turmeric, letting it gently cook and release an aroma that's potent and lovely. Then, crack a bunch of eggs into the pan, add more spices and salt and scramble away. It's one of my favorite ways to enjoy this spice, but there are many more ways to get creative (see the ideas below). 

Here’s Sandeep Agarwal, harvesting fresh turmeric root. What a sweet video!


Pure Indian Foods Organic Turmeric Powder is 100% ground turmeric root. No GMOs, no added salt, no preservatives, no trans fats, no colors or dyes, no MSG, no flavor enhancers. The one and only ingredient is the best-quality turmeric root they could find, with absolutely nothing else added to it.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the bright yellow of the spice rainbow, is a powerful medicine that has long been used in the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat a wide variety of conditions, including flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic.

The volatile oil fraction of turmeric has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory activity in a variety of experimental models. Even more potent than its volatile oil is the yellow or orange pigment of turmeric, which is called curcumin. Curcumin is thought to be the primary pharmacological agent in turmeric. In numerous studies, curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be comparable to the potent drugs hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agents such as Motrin. Unlike the drugs, which are associated with significant toxic effects (ulcer formation, decreased white blood cell count, intestinal bleeding), curcumin produces no toxicity.

About Pure Indian Foods, in their own words

In 1889, Lala Khoobram Agarwal, our great-great-grandfather, launched a pure ghee business in northern India. After 5 generations and over 124 years, we are still learning!

Pure Indian Foods was founded in 2008 and we are the top maker of Grassfed Organic Ghee products in the United States. We have been featured in The New York Times and many other international publications. It’s our dedication to excellent customer service and our selection of the highest quality organic Indian grocery that keeps our customers cooking with our products again and again.

Our Approach to Customer Service
"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work - he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Organic, pure turmeric

Non-GMO, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Fillers.

Made to be high in nutrients and flavor

Turmeric Curcumin Combination - premium quality turmeric that’s naturally rich in curcumin (minimum 4-5%). 

How to use turmeric powder

Turmeric is one of the key components of curry powder, lending a deep hue as well as a bit of bite and nutty flavor. But without the curry powder, how should "plain" turmeric be used? There are lots of ways, some unconventional and some straighforward.

Check it out:

    1. Create your own custom curry, catered to your own taste! Add turmeric to a laundry list of other ground aromatics: coriander, cumin, ginger, mustard, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, fenugreek. Start with any online recipe for "curry powder" and customize to your heart's content.
    2. Start out even more simply: take your favorite curry powder on your shelf, whether garam masala or vindaloo, and add MORE turmeric to it for additional color and nutritional value. Easy!
    3. Turmeric tea. On first blush it does sound weird, but with endorsement from Oprah this warm beverage has certainly gained traction. Basically, you just heat up water with powdered turmeric and the addition of ginger and/or cinnamon and strain it into your cup. Add a bit of honey if you'd like, and maybe a spash of coconut milk or grass-fed heavy cream. Maybe.... some ghee from Pure Indian Foods! For further reading, this is a great starter recipe from the Wellness Mama:
    4. A light dusting to add to home fried potatoes or roasted cauliflower.
    5. Add to your deviled eggs' yolky filling for a double-dose of bright orange color.
    6. Add to any power smoothie in your repetoire. 
    7. Turmeric also plays well in egg frittatas, especially with other herbs.
    8. Is rice in your healthy diet? Easy to add a bit of turmeric to your rice pilaf for both color and flavor.
    9. Turmeric coffee, anyone?
    10. Go to the source! Pure Indian Foods has their own collection of 14 awesome uses for your organic turmeric: