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Sea Salt Jicama Chips by JicaChips - .9 oz

Since when did crunchy snacking become even moderately healthy? Chips used to be just chips. You ate them, you loved them, your hand brushed the bottom of the bag, you felt guilty. Simple, right? Not so fast. What you see here is the next level of chip nirvana: the nexus of salty snacking and actual paleo-riffic virtue. Why? Because they're made from the delicious yet under-appreciated jicama, a crunchy and juicy tuber with a savory mild flavor. Sliced thin, then dried and salted into these amazing wafers. Go ahead: tear open this bag, have a few bites and then think, "whoa." You have just left the land of typical healthy boring snacks and crossed over into a new planet of perfection.  

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Sometimes you need some crunch in your life (and in your mouth). When eating a real food diet, or even Paleo, getting crunchy snacks can be tricky. There's carrots, sure, and apples, and . . . um, nuts? Exactly. Luckily there are a crop of dried veggie snacks that fill the urge to just tear open a bag and get to munching. My favorite of them all for simplicity and for amazing flavor, is JicaChips. 

Each perfectly thin chip has crunch beyond its lightness. As you bite in, you'll think the texture of a kettle chip but with more delicacy. These are not the kind of chips you scoop deeply into hummus or guacamole; rather they float lightly on the tongue and deliver a lacy crunch just perfect for your cravings.

They're made from jicama, the strange-looking tuber that's kind of like an apple, kind of like a potato, and edible raw. But it's packed with nutrients you'll flip over: prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and a heck of a lot of yum. You can eat it fresh and crunchy, enjoying the mild flavor and juicy sweetness. But that's a little messy, honestly, and finding good fresh jicamas can be a little tricky, too. Luckily a little company called JicaChips figured out how to bake jicama slices with a little salt and olive oil into delectable chips. Just three ingredients and no deep-frying, period. 

You'll love these things so much that you'll put them on salad for crunch, on top of soups like little oyster crackers, and yeah, you will eat them right out of the bag, too.

Why JicaChips are so good for you

A few years back I had a little bit of a thing with raw jicama. Sliced up, sprinkled with salt or spices, it was the perfect distraction from chips or bars or other heavy snack foods. Turns out that all forms of jicama are seriously good for you, whether raw or dried. This simple bag holds one of the best new crunchy snacks of the year: dried and salted slices of pure jicama. 

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in JicaChips Jicama Chips:


Can you say 5 grams of prebiotic fiber per 100 calorie serving? Wow! That's right. This makes for a satisfying nosh whenever the urge strikes. The fiber is called inulin and it gives the jicama its distinctively mild sweet flavor.

Not only is there some fantastic fiber, but jicama also comes along with Iron, Potassium, Vitamin C, and Calcium to bolster your nutrition. Jicama has a naturally low glycemic index and won't spike your blood sugar. 

How to enjoy these JicaChips Jicama Chips:

Anywhere you need a little crunch, a little salt, a little munch.

  1. Paleo nachos!
  2. Tortilla chip bacon sandwich
  3. Crumble into the best salty savory salad topper
  4. Soup topping 
  5. Last minute "panko" bread crumbs

About JicaChips, in their own words

As told by Melissa, co-founder: "My husband loves to snack. In front of the tv or between meals, he is always munching on something. In our house, snacks were either greasy, calorie-laden chips or "healthy" chips that never got eaten.

We discovered jicama, the "Mexican Potato", while vacationing in Mexico. Traditionally eaten raw, with a sprinkle of Chili & Lime, this slightly sweet, low calorie & nutrient dense root vegetable inspired JicaChips, deliciously irresistible, crunchy chips made from jicama slices. Goodbye potato chips, Hello JicaChips. We believe that everyone deserves a snack that is as delicious as it is good for you. Make JicaChips your family's new favorite snack and crunch without sacrificing.

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Are JicaChips paleo, gluten-free, and non-GMO?

Yes, yes, and holy-wow-awesome YES. Enjoy!

How long will JicaChips stay fresh?

There are really two answers to that question. In the unopened bag, about 5 months. Plenty of time for purchasing, brief storage, and then noshing. Once opened, this question probably isn't important because they will be gone fast! 

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