Seed+Fruit Apple Cinnamon Bar by ZEGO


Seed+Fruit Apple Cinnamon Bar by ZEGO

These bars will make you feel like apple pie slices are dancing on your tongue. ZEGO mixes organic cinnamon with dried organic apple bits from Oregon and Washington orchards into their signature batter. Due to the sweetness of the apples, this bar is the sweetest of the ZEGO organic protein bars, though it is still low glycemic. The combination of the seeds and sunflower seed butter create a texture that is smooth and crunchy.


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About ZEGO

WE BELIEVE… you have the fundamental right to know if there are potential toxins in your food, and when more food companies provided traceable testing transparency like ZEGO does, we will restructure the agricultural marketplace so farmers are compensated for the decreasing pesticides and heavy metals on their farms. Working together, we can bring about healthier food, people, and planet.

Our Mission is to Give You Peace of Mind

We are committed to making it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nourishing food regardless of their special diet needs.

All day, every day, we think about how to create superior products that are not only free of ingredients that can trigger allergies and intolerance but also free of chemicals like food dyes and artificial sugars and with minimal agricultural residue, like pesticides (glyphosate and others) and heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc).

We carefully select the farms we source and test for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and gluten. Ingredients from industries prone to heavy metal contamination, like protein powder and chocolate, are also test for heavy metals and toxins like lead and arsenic.

Using our patent pending pioneering provenance-based block chain T-CODE food-safety system, you can directly access our products’ test results .

Our Vision

We believe in a future where all food companies are active promoters and stewards of our health and the health of our planet. We are happy to lead the way.


Our Story

Eight years ago, I was juggling a family with Celiac Disease, lactose and gluten intolerance, and pre-diabetes. Then, overnight, our elementary school banned all nuts from campus.

I found there was no food company trying to make nutrient-dense, minimally processed convenience foods that met the needs of people with more than two or three of the most common dietary restrictions. And, there was no company going the extra step in allergen and gluten safety–testing each batch to ensure product purity and providing the test data to consumers. Before ZEGO, the standard was to assume products were safe based on the conditions at the manufacturing facility. May sound technical but why use a proxy when we can do an actual test?

I had spent my early career improving nutrition for low-income kids, and knew about allergen dangers from my own kids’ experiences. But as I dug into the food world, my understanding of what “improving nutrition” and “food safety” meant grew. I learned we could also find out what pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals are in our food, some of which are potential or known toxins. Companies could have been testing for this for a long time, but many were not, and none of the ones that were testing made their results public.

The reason this matters is that numerous tests run by non-profit organizations and government agencies have shown some of our food has levels of toxins and pesticides that I do not feel comfortable feeding my family. Other studies show these chemicals are harming the health of our soil and water.

So, I set out to create a food company that made amazing, clean food that supports the whole health of people and our planet. I set out to show you the transparency you  deserve and all companies should provide. I set out to assert  your right to know what is in your food.

Voila, ZEGO! Every delicious product ZEGO makes is crafted with nourishing ingredients and tested for allergen and gluten cross contact, controversial chemicals like glyphosate, and over 400 pesticides and herbicides. Crops like chocolate and protein powder that have a history of heavy metal contamination issues  like arsenic, lead, and cadmium are tested for those as well.

You can find all our results on our website, or with our T-Code Food Safety System, simply by scanning the QR Code on any of our packaging.

And, we hope, this gives you peace of mind.

~ Colleen and the ZEGO Team