Smoked Eggplant Spread 3.5 oz by Gaea


Smoked Eggplant Spread 3.5 oz by Gaea

This delicious little delight is perfect to spread on your favorite breads or crackers. With 100% natural ingredients and no fillers, you can feel free to enjoy your healthy snack with no consequences.  Spread away my friends, spread away. ~

Certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and MyClimate Project Neutral

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Back in the day, green olives were strange, tart, and just, well, too "adult". Baby sweet pickles as a condiment? Sure. But olives were odd, especially with that weird red stuff inside them. Thank goodness we're sophisticated adults now, able and willing to choose excellent foods from those "strange adult" food groups. These olives from Gaea ain't your pimiento'd specimens from way back when. These are fresh, firm, well-seasoned, and decadent. Kind of like the ideal celebrity crush. Except these little beauties you can put in your purse.  

Enter Gaea and this snack pack of Green Olives with Lemon & Oregano. Olive-lovers' single serving sacks of nothing but Greek deliciousness, ready for your afternoon pick-me-up or your lunch salad. I love that the package is resealable, but honestly don't see much need for it: these are perfectly portioned just as is. 

Quality and sourcing is what makes these so good. From small farmers and cooperatives in Greece, Gaea looks for the best olives and the most good that can be done for the community. I like that. And all of us will like the flavors that go into this little bag. Not too much salt or overwhelming seasonings, each olive is a flavor bomb all its own, whether right into your mouth or sprinkled on a salad or any meal. 

This is the way to get good quality black olives without visiting an olive bar or buying glass jars full of liquid and heft. This is the a portable way to take your olives on the road and to all the places in your life. And what better place to eat them than . . . anywhere!?


Why these olives are so good for you

Olives are technically a fruit! In fact, they are one of the most mineral-rich fruits on earth. Olives are especially high in calcium and magnesium, which help to build strong bones. They also contain vitamins A and E and the beautifying, heart healthy oleic acid. Olives also contain protein and compounds called polyphenols which display anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Plus, olives are known as the most powerful mucus dissolver of any fruit. Too much mucus in your system can cause that cold/flu-like feeling of being clogged and stuffy with puffy eyes and dulled senses. Regular consumption of olives can help to clear out excess mucus and lift the fog.

Here's how Gaea describes their awesome olives:

"GAEA Mixed Olives Snack is 100% natural and delicious. It is the 1st olive snack in the world without preservatives or additives and the lowest salt content. The famous Greek olives are pitted and packed in protected atmosphere, in an innovative re-sealable packaging, allowing repeated safe openings and closings.

The GAEA Olive snack is a source of dietary fiber and copper, rich in vitamin E and contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. Liquid free and full of authentic Greek flavors, it’s a delicious and a perfectly healthy, low calories snack for anytime of the day!"

About GAEA, in their own words

Gaea seems to be a pretty awesome company. Here's a little bit of what they stand for and how they are helping to grow the Greek economy by keeping almost everything local and sustainable:

Gaea has shows impressive concern for both human beings and the environment. First, the company produced the first carbon neutral olive oil and olives in the world. Owner Aris Kefalogiannis says that it was possible by measuring carbon dioxide emissions during the life cycle of olive oil, all the way from the field to the supermarket shelf. It was found that for every kilogram of conventional olive oil Gaea sold, 4.08 kilograms of carbon dioxide were emitted, and just 1.87 kilograms of carbon dioxide for organic olive oil. (These numbers are about 1/20th that of tomatoes!)

Gaea calculated its carbon footprint because they pay a carbon tax. It's only natural to want to make the business more sustainable AND pay less tax, of course! The most emissions came from not glass bottles or worldwide transport, but rather the pesticides and fertilizers that go into the soil. (That's why conventional produce is such a higher impact than organic.)

Gaea also demonstrates respect for people. The company supports employees who seek an education, even financing secondary education for some employees. Gaea cares for more than just its 52 Greek employees. Gaea was the first olive oil company in Greece to do long-term farming contracts with the same farms and co-ops. They even revenue share with those producers. Kefalogiannis believes in “rewarding farmers for outstanding quality” in order to attain the consistently high quality products Gaea is looking for."

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

How should these little snack packs be stored?

Can you cook with these olives?

Of course! Eat them out of the bag, or add to your favorite hot and savory recipe at will for an extra punch of richness and flavor.