Nutola Granola by Visionary Foods
Nutola Granola by Visionary Foods

Visionary Foods

Nutola Granola by Visionary Foods

"Wow, these are the best croutons I've ever had! What? Not croutons? Granola!? Huh." That is not an usual reaction to this wonderfully savory and barely sweet crunchy nubbins called Nutola. So, use it as granola, because overly sugary breakfast is so over. Forget things like vanilla yogurt full of honey sweetened granola. Forget waffles and muffins. For a brief moment, even, forget bacon & eggs. Because carbs are often a good thing, especially when they are from real foods like carrots and fruit. ~

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Breakfast doesn't have to be sweet. Really. Despite what you see on everyone else's table—the fruity oatmeals and the muffins and the cereals—there is a lot of room to have a savory spoonful in your A.M. without frying up eggs and bacon. Take this Nutola: delicious little baked squares of shredded coconut, carrots, and a bit of dried fruit to hold it all together in a crunchy nubbin. No sweetener to start your cravings, just the barest hint of sweetness from those carrots and the prunes. All you need to do is toss this cereal in with grass fed yogurt and you're set for breakfast or a late night snack. No bacon required.

The few simple ingredients begin and end with superfoods: coconut, almond, carrot, prune and himalayan sea salt, so you get more bang for your caloric buck. The lack of sweetness will kept those sugar demons at bay, and the hearty coconut and fiber keep you satiated for hours. 

Or, do what I do. Use them on every single salad you have for the next month. They are truly amazing as a crunchy crouton topping for everywhere you'd use croutons. Delicious, nutritious, and the perfect extra texture on that Caesar salad.

Why Nutola is so good for you

It's all about the superfoods: this Nutola brings an amazing sweet crunch back into your life. With only good carbs this oat and honey free granola makes the perfect snack right out of the bag, on greek yogurt, or for breakfast with your favorite milk (my favorite "milk" is grass-fed heavy cream cut with a little water, yum!).

Unlike other gluten-free granolas (hello, Udi's and Bear Naked and Nature's Path and more...) it contains NO grain which is mostly carbs and sugar with no real nutrition. Other granolas contain so much unnecessary stuff. Everything in Nutola is pure. It is Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan and Low Sugar with just 4 net carbs. Not that carbs are bad for you, of course. Some of my best friends are carbs!

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Nutola

We eat for health AND we eat for taste, and that's why Nutola is one of the rare treats that accomplishes both at the same time.

Himalayan Sea Salt: highest mineral content but very low sodium
Carrots: high in beta-carotene and vitamins
Almonds: improve heart health and brain function
Prunes: magnesium potassium and it keeps your digestive system regular
Coconuts: contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)

How to eat Nutola

There are lots of ways to enjoy Nutola, from savory to (yes, ok) sweet. You can be the creator of your own yummy consumption.

  2. Mixed in with some berries and heavy cream
  3. Crumbled over roasted carrots (carrots on carrots!)
  4. On homemade yogurt
  5. In a bowl with raw dairy
  6. Out of the bag, of course

About the creator, in her own words

"My name is Jessi, I am the creator of Nutola. I have been a personal trainer for many years with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in nutrition. I had orginially created Nutola for myself because there was nothing on the market to satisfy my sweet tooth (there... I admit it!) that wasn't loaded down with sugar. I carefully hand picked every ingredient because of the wonderful health benefits they offered. My clients asked me to share and promptly told me to "get my head out of my ass, and DO SOMETHING WITH THIS"..... So I did. Now you can enjoy Nutola as much as I do."

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

What the flip is Nutola?!

Don't freak out! This stuff is both a really amazing and mildly sweet granola as well as the best salad croutons you've tasted in years. No kidding.