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Whole30 MEGA Phat Pack

It's official...FAT IS BACK. Gone are the days of skim milk, margarine, and obsessive oil-blotting. Science has confirmed that saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease or stroke; in fact, it actually has powerfully positive effects on our minds and bodies. But not all fats are created equal, which is where we come in. Together with the phat folks at Whole30, we created this MEGA Phat Pack, which brings together some of our favorite fats essential for your healthy Whole 30 lifestyle. All of our products are from the highest quality sources, to provide clean, healthy, nutrient-rich fats with none of the inflammatory stuff found in inferior fats. For cooking, baking, eating, and slathering, this pack has you covered with a MEGA collection of fat-tastic products that will make your life richer, tastier, and healthier. Farewell, fat-free. Praise the lard, and bring on the phat fat!

Here is the incredible goodness that you'll find in this Whole30 MEGA Phat Pack

Nutiva Coconut Oil, 15 oz

100% Pastured Pure Pork Lard by Fatworks

Avocado Oil by Primal Kitchen

Cultured Grass-Fed Ghee by Tin Star Foods, 8 oz

Mayo by Primal Kitchen 

Chipotle Lime Mayo by Primal Kitchen 

Organic Coconut Flakes by Let's Do Organic

Raw Organic Botija Olives (Dried and Pitted) by Sunfood

Cage Free Duck Fat by EPIC  

Grass-Fed Beef Tallow by Fatworks

100% Pastured Leaf Lard by FatWorks

We've put much love, care, and consideration into the curation of this snack pack, but should there be unforeseen availability issues with certain items, we may have to make equally awesome substitutions.


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